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  • Ortho Kits

    Orthodontic kits have all the tools you need to keep a smile in braces healthy and looking great! Kits include V-Trim Toothbrush, V-Trim travel toothbrush, toothbrush cap, two minute timer, dental floss, wax with case, interdental brush, dental mirror with tongue scraper, ten floss threaders, prepackaged in a zippered travel pouch.

  • Brushing Kits*

    The Garfield brushing kit contains a kids toothbrush, bubble gum toothpaste, and a brush cap featuring Garfield, America’s favorite lasagna-loving cat and his canine frenemy Odie!

  • 2 Pack Adult Brushing Kit

    On the go and need to bring a toothbrush with you? Then this 2 pack brushing kit is perfect for you and one other companion with 2 toothbrushes, 2 toothbrush caps, and mint dental floss..

  • Kids 4-Pack

    This 4-pack of kids toothbrushes is made with soft bristles and can stand on their own thanks to two small suction cups on the bottom of each brush. Start and end your day with a smile!

  • 2 Pack Kids Brushing Kit

    This convenient 2 pack brushing kit features with 2 kids toothbrushes, 2 kids toothbrush caps, and bubble gum flavored dental floss.

  • Dental Care Kit TK09

  • Dental Care Kit TK08

  • Dental Care Kit TK26

  • Dental Care Kit TK24

  • Dental Care Kit TK23

  • Dental Care Kit TK22

  • Dental Care Kit TK28

  • Dental Care Kit TK27

  • Dental Care Kit TK21